(V-J Day Mural near High Line Park; taken in May 2014 around completion of park)

Studies have shown that there are more cases of anxiety, substance abuse, and depression in urban city areas than in rural suburban spreads. Due to the noise, tension, aggression, and other unappealing surroundings this comes as no surprise. Negative places generate emotional reactions such as hopelessness, anger, stress, disgust, fear, laziness and many more. Because of these, and many more reasons, the importance of incorporating green spaces, art, and public parks into urban areas can be seen. Positive places such as those generate the opposite emotional reactions; such as happiness, calm & peaceful, inspiration, safety, appreciation, and pride.

Green spaces do not only improve the visual quality of an area, but help to reduce stress, promote healthy and active living, and have also been found to improve cognitive functioning as well. In combination with art, which can serve as a form of therapy, the addition of these to any urban space can be nothing but beneficial. And that is just what the Highline in NYC does for the Chelsea community.

(Promenade Plantee in Paris)

The Highline in NYC began construction in 2006 and was completed in three phases by 2014, with one more additional phase projected to be completed in 2018 after the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project is finished. Also known as High Line Park, it was built on a 1.45 mile long abandoned rail line along the west side of New York inspired by the Promenade Plantee in Paris.

(Highline Park Photos)

Not only as High Line Park proven to increase the spirits and mental well-being of visitors, but has helped to increase real estate values as well. Along with this, it has also inspired the plans of over 30 purposed projects in New York City alone.  By combining art and green space New York has created a fantastic space for people of the community and tourist to go and relax while looking at beautiful art installations as well as taking in the fascinating view of New York City that this elevated park has to offer.