Last year, in 2016, there were approximately 37,461 recorded traffic deaths in the United States.  These accidents consist of head on collisions, vehicles hitting trees, pedestrians being run over etc.  In the modern world, with ever-increasing population, there must be systems put into place to protect pedestrians as well as drivers from themselves.  The first and most important issue is to stop accidental traffic deaths as they account for the majority of deaths.  The second issue is to curb domestic terrorism which has been seen in many forms but one common form is that of driving vehicles into crowded areas filled with pedestrians.  maxresdefault.jpg

The first issue is ironically much harder to solve.  In order to curb traffic accidents and traffic death there are several solutions.  First, educating the public is key.  68% of Americans wear their seat belts while the other 32% remains unbuckled.  By raising this percentage of seat-belt-wearers to 90%, approximately 5,500 lives would be saved each year, bringing the 37,461 number closer to 36,900.  Seat belts are extremely important and are designed to protect passengers in any number of car crashes.  Still, it is difficult to force people to wear seat belts even when laws are in place that require it.  This paternalistic law is, in my pinon, one of the best ways to make people abide by the rules however.

While the traffic deaths caused by domestic accidents account for a far greater number than those committed by terrorists, it is worth looking at ways to reduce both numbers I think.  Since terrorism is so sudden and out of the blue it is extremely difficult to stop every single act.  For example, on Oct. 31, a disgruntled terrorist drove a truck through a crowded area in NYC and ran over multiple people, killing 8.  This type of act is hard to stop because there are so many cars and trucks on the roads and to surveil every single one would be time-consuming and likely against civil rights.  This being said, bollards are the solution.  Bollards are steel and concrete poles that stick up from pedestrian inhabited areas that immediately destroy incoming traffic.  These work well and immediately stop any trucks or cars from entering the area they are blocked from, they also kill the occupants of the vehicle.