Rapid growth in urban cities has many positive effects in today’s world. It promotes cultural growth as well as progressing in modernism. However, there are also some negative effects. The key effect that has a negative impact on the world would be the loss in our natural environments. Over the years, urban land has become more prominent than forested land. There has been a great loss of agricultural land, forested land, and wetlands. New Jersey used to have the largest category of forested land but dropped from 1.64 million to 1.52 million over a period of twenty-one years. Forestlands help to maintain the quality of the air, prevent soil erosion, and aids in flood control. The removal of these forestlands result in factors such as loss of habitats for animals and changes in the climate. The loss of the wetlands has a big impact on New Jersey, being that it is one of our most important landscapes. Not only is it a habitat for wildlife, it helps improve our water quality and retains rainwater. All of these effects on the environment have a huge impact on the way we live, which is why we need solutions to these increasing problems. This is where Smart Growth Tools can come into play. Smart Growth is a theory that concentrates growth in compact urban centers to avoid sprawl. It helps to do things such as protecting and preserving the environment, minimizing hazards, and improving the quality of life for the people in an urban environment. Through the promotion of Smart Growth by people such as Urban Planners, Public Health Officials, neighborhood activists, and many more, we see features such as preserved green spaces, limited road construction, and economic and racial heterogeneity.

Smart Growth Picture

I really like the idea of Smart Growth. With the world constantly developing and being built up, it is very important to remember to maintain the environmental factors. The environment helps us in so many different ways and is a key factor for the healthy survival of the citizens of a community. I hope to see Smart Growth become a fairly common thing in the future because it can really help improve the health and quality of our living.   Through effective and coordinated planning, I feel that we can progress in the development of cities and the technology in them as well as preserve the environmental features that benefit the society we live in. Smart Growth has the power to change the world we live in, in a very big way.