Car free

Since the invention of the automobile, planners have had to account for vehicular traffic in their plans. The automobile was an innovation that dramatically shaped the world in various arenas, but most dramatically affected how cities and towns ultimately looked. The city of the future in the 1930s envisioned a heavily traffic automobile centered utopia. Now that environmental concerns have risen, planners are looking at greener ways to design a city. The vision of elevated highways and off ramps and on ramps, and cities separated by large amounts of asphalt is no longer desirable. Leaning towards more of a garden city vision, planners want to build self sustainable cities that don’t need to accommodate large eighteen wheelers and their trailers.



The new city reduces the use of the automobile and promotes the usage of public transportation. These cities use the old time model of the close knit american community to build self sustainability. These models will combat the problems of growth and development sprawl. The green space will be emphasized and mixed use zoning, promoting leniency in term of planning. Enthusiasts of the self sustainable green city think the return to close knit community, could potentially be a flash back to the lives early americans experienced. The detached antisocial interactions caused by the advancement in technologies, have found their remedy in the green city. One will be forced to speak and interact, because things will no longer be as automated in a self sustainable society with small market places of fresh greens. The formation of a sense of community is the main purpose of a close knit society. Each person plays an integral part in the operation of the community building a web of connections, that aren’t the artificial ones we normally encounter on social media.


Car-less self sustaining green cities are garden cities on steroids. The new self sustainable city provides the perfect model for the america we all want to see. An America dedicated to global health and the sustainability of the entire world. A global consciousness that does not require much effort on our part, aside from perhaps taking the train to work instead of getting into your autonomous car.