Edison Township locates the middle area of New Jersey, and it is the fifth most-populated municipality in the state. As a township which was developed early and mainly is occupied by residential communities, Edison is unable to change a lot in the future. Among five districts, Edison only has two districts that will be largely improved in the future.

districts .png

District four is an ideal area to live since it is pretty convenient to live here, especially for Asian people. There are a lot of Asian restaurants and supermarkets like H-Mart and 99 Ranch Market. Also, Edison Train Station locates in Edison. Since district four is mainly used to live, improvements about living-friendly is pretty welcoming here. In the future, there edge areas which is currently doing manufacturing businesses will be mixed-use as manufacturing and commerce. In fact, in the future, there will be more retail shops, offices, civic recreations and hotels built in district four to enrich citizens’ daily life. Furthermore, following “New Urbanism”, the government will discourage sprawls and the dependence on automobiles and highways in district four and encourage citizens to depend on Edison Train Station, walking to commute.

district 4(1).png

district 4 (2).png

District five currently is mainly excluded by open spaces and some health centers and light industries. In the future, following the project Raritan River Revitalization District (RRRD), more than half of areas in district five will be designed to be riverfront. In the meantime, district five will be mixed-use of riverfront and light industry. Personally, RRRD really appeals me since it could improve Edison’s economy by attracting tourists to visit Raritan R



To sum up, the future urban design in Edison is to provide more conveniences for citizens by adding more entertainments and walkable spaces while improving the economy of Edison.