New Jersey has proposed a $1.7 billion plan to extend the PATH train to Newark International Liberty Airport.  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have set up meetings for the public to provide details on the proposed project.  The project began its planning in 2012 and is projected to be complete by 2016.  This plan can lead to a great improvement to everyone’s access to opportunity as it allows residents to conveniently shorten their trip travel time, promoting a higher use of the PATH.

Currently, the PATH train comes from the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan and ends at Newark Penn Station.  All travelers heading to the airport must deal with a switch to NJ Transit Trains.  This poses somewhat of an inconvenience for travelers and puts a damper on their public transit experience.  The project is therefore like an applicable solution; however, it is still faced with controversy as several Port Authority officials, truckers and motorists have questioned the usability of the extension.  It will cost close to 2 billion for this additional strip of rail service, but the Port Authority service plans to use $1 billion of its own money and grants to complete the remaining amount.

I believe this project will be worth the investment and prove to be beneficial for the state’s public transit system.  Transportation in the state is already quite a hassle.  Many of the transit routes across New Jersey defeat the purpose of public transportation as trips are often are longer and sometimes more expensive than traveling by car.  Newark can only benefit from this extension as it will bring in more travelers and commuters into the city that can only help the community activity flourish and further revitalize the neighboring areas.  The new station would be west of the airport in the South Ward of Newark.  If successful, this extension can help trigger an economic boom and further spur residential and commercial infrastructure in the area.  A variety of new job opportunities and businesses will help strengthen the region’s economy, ensure safety in the community and overall improve the residential experience.  The project is still in the works, and meetings are set to be hosted in the upcoming weeks, considering all public input and questions.



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