According to “Contemporary Urban Planning,” growth management is defined as “…the regulation of the amount, timing, location, and character of development.” While this practice of smart growth, or growth management is fairly common nationwide. It is especially popular in parts of New Jersey. The City of Trenton has adopted a “Strategic Development Plan” as part of their Trenton250 Master Plan. This document includes maps and suggested patterns of development and land use within the city. The plan states clear goals that they have for the future development of Trenton; specifically, the downtown area. Alongside each listed goal is a “…set of initiatives that get assigned to lead departments”. This is extremely important, because often times, goals are stated without a plan of how to achieve them. Trenton250 sets a list of goals, including but not limited to, industrial development, job access, commercial development, and a multi-modal transit system linked to an active downtown area. Regarding the goal of accessibility to jobs, for example, the plan includes a background to the current issue and two specific initiatives they plan to take in order to meet the goal. Since Trenton is a main hub for transportation, they also plan to guide development towards their various transit stations. This includes redeveloping an abandoned industrial complex, located next to one of their train stations, into a mixed-use community.

These initiatives, alongside expansive rezoning to allow such growth, will hopefully succeed in pushing Trenton to look like the rendered images of their final end goal in by Trenton’s 250th birthday.