LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is a non-profit organization which points are awarded for certain “green” structures.  Some of these structures include energy and atmosphere materials and sources, sustainable sites, water efficiency, and energy and atmosphere design. Although energy efficiency seems to be much more expensive there are paybacks which will save you money over time and will help the environment stay cleaner. The listed structures above are all in efforts to keep the environment clean and keep to a minimum pollution and over use of natural resources. Also, not only is the structure energy efficient but also the materials and means of putting up the structure also. There are certain ratings for energy efficiency and as a bonus a seller can capture a buyer by having a “Platinum rating” because to those who are conscientious of having a energy efficient home or building will be more likely to buy.

LEED certification also has benefits that will save you money over time due to saving resources and using natural resources.  Furthermore, there are incentives like tax breaks and other money saving opportunities. The Obama administration also passed a bill and expressed strong feelings towards this movement. The bill included incentives for those who learn the green building types and for those who prepare to build green.

This LEED program was of great interest to me due to the increase in pollution. Not only pollution but the lack of mindfulness of this major issue that will effect later generations.  I also think if Obama had not made this a crucial point there is a possibility someone well known enough might not have relayed a message towards this movement.  Obama’s push towards this opened many eyes and helped this program as it is essential towards a cleaner america.