Piscataway township is your typical New Jersey suburb with its small quiet neighborhoods and buzzing town square. The Middlesex County gem doesn’t fall short of perpetuating the American dream but like any other town or city in the Garden State its overly populated. Pictured above is Piscataway’s town center located on Stelton Road in front of the Johanna W. Westergard Library. This built environment is typically filled with families of all backgrounds searching for the perfect place to get some fresh air. The area resembles a very Garden city-esque design featuring several trees planted on platforms surrounding a seated area. Everyone from children walking home from school to senior citizens commune to this built environment to admire what the town has to offer. The urban designer clearly created a fluid design that nicely connects to the already existing library branch. When the addition was constructed it accentuated the town and gave it that perfect small town feel. The Large clock located in the center bares the township logo with an arrowhead gracing the middle.

Prior to the addition of the town square the area was just an open field directly in front of the library branch and it added no particular beauty to the busy Stelton road. This area is agriculturally fulfilling and does not sacrifice any functionality in the process. Its safe to say our town square is here to stay for many years to come. Piscataway doesn’t easily lend itself to criticism pertaining to its land usage, but congestion always seems to be its Achilles heal.


Horribly designed intersections and poorly placed traffic lights plague some of the intersecting streets leading directly to Stelton Road. The picture above was taken two hours before the evening rush. Turning lanes merging directly into stop lights with red light cameras to watch your every move. Accidents are a dime a dozen and the red light cameras have definitely generated thousands of dollars. The functionality of some of the lanes seem pointless and the traffic flow only causes more confusion. This area is classified T-5 transect zone and is features large fast food chains and gasoline stations. Construction also burdens the load of traffic in the area and this problematic intersection is one of many in the township.


Large retailers and fast food chain have definitely shaped the landscape of the town over the years. The commuting nature of Piscataway always seems to attract more individuals looking for an easy transition to the city. As the population grow and time passes I do not see any forthcoming solutions to this raging problem of congested intersections. Shopping malls and retail space are plentiful and more construction is underway but no one has addressed the issue of traffic flow. The T-5 transect is easily identifiable and the only amplification and widening of a busy road has been near a T-4 transect where traffic is a lesser problem. Besides the congested roads Piscataway is definitely a desirable place to live for anybody looking for a small town feel. This gem in Middlesex county is buzzing and has a lot to offer just make sure to get there before rush hour.