Lake Naomi, Pocono Pines

A built environment that I very much enjoy when I visit is Lake Naomi of the Pocono Pines in Pennsylvania.  The Lake Naomi community in the Pocono Pines is a great example of a positive built environment as it is known for its wooded suburban neighborhood, beautiful lake environment and distinct natural scenery.  The community is very calm, yet has the characteristics of a mixed-use area which is full of life as multiple houses, facilities and amenities are all incorporated into the greenery of the mountains.  Not only does this allow for a stronger knit community, but it also gives residents easy access to several of the recreational facilities by use of biking and walking.




Pocono Pines, PA

 I think this is an ideal Utopian vision as the pros of both an urban and suburban area are incorporated into the wooded community.  People are able to enjoy the peacefulness of the area while still enjoying the excitement of a fun and family-friendly community.  I would classify the neighborhood as a T-3 transect zone as the houses are setback from the streets and tree lines in order to preserve the area’s nature.  



New Brunswick, NJ


A built environment that I consider to be unappealing to me is my current neighborhood in New Brunswick.  New Brunswick is a very exciting and energetic city to be in as it is the home of Rutgers University.  The neighborhoods in the city promote walk-ability and  mixed-use, however I do not believe they promote healthier living conditions because of this.  Unfortunately, on the outskirts of the university, the low-income neighborhoods are very much lacking of green spaces and seem to portray a failure of a Utopian vision.  Sidewalks are polluted with garbage and streets are very overcrowded with parked cars and vehicular traffic.




Easton Avenue, New Brunswick

 I would classify some of the area as a T-4 transect zone as several convenience stores, restaurants and family-owned business are mixed in among the residential housing.  Approaching Easton Avenue, the area resembles more of a T-5 transect zone as there is less housing and more buildings.  Easton Avenue can also be used as a thoroughfare to reach downtown.  With all that being said, I still enjoy living in New Brunswick given that I am a young college student, however it is not an area I would want to remain for more than a couple of years.