For my blog post this week, I decided to take a different approach on the likes and dislikes of a city. Being that I was confined to the same four walls of my room all weekend, I chose to post the likes and dislikes of cities from other some European countries that I have traveled too.


This picture of empty tables was taken outside of a random restaurant in Amsterdam Netherlands. There were many reasons I fell in love with this specific area, one being that I was finally able to sit down after walking for almost four hours straight. While sitting down, I was able to just look at how the city functions. In this city, where there are more bicycles than people, you finally get to see that you don’t necessarily need a car to function like we do in the U.S. The streets are designed for pedestrians and bicycle riders in mind. I found it incredibly amazing that I was able to get around almost the entire city

IMG_1295by either foot, bike, or public transportation. This city has found almost a perfect solution to relieve the stress of vehicles on the streets. On the right, I posted a picture of what seemed to be a parking lot… but for bikes.  These small lots could be found everywhere in the city and they contained thousands of bikes! I wish I took this picture in the morning just so everyone can see the sheer amount of bicycles in one area.


One down-side to transportation in this city was the fact that they relied pretty heavily on a tram system. While I did find that these systems were incredibly reliable, I found myself almost getting run over like twenty times a day. In the busiest areas of the city, it’s incredibly difficult to see where you’re standing due to the amount of people near you. This lead to me, and other people having to quickly get out of the way before a tram hit us. This little annoyance can add extra travel time to commuters since the driver has to slow down and wait to safely cross.






This photo was taken in a random neighborhood in Paris France. One big reason I like this area was that it looks incredibly charming. Prior to this photo, there were a group of kids playing safely on the street and it just made me realize that this would be a place where I could see my future children playing in. IMG_0617

While the picture above shows a pretty nice French neighborhood, this one shows a neighborhood that needs some cleaning up. This area was very congested. The sidewalks and streets were very narrow which sometimes made it difficult for a group of pedestrians to walk together on the same sidewalk. Many of the streets in this neighborhood were riddled with litter, which shows that the residents of that area take no pride in their neighborhood. Also, it’s very clear that some of these buildings were run down and have been that way for a while. Overall, I got a very dark and grungy feeling walking down these streets. I felt that there was absolutely no life to this area at all.