This picture was taken in Central Park located in New York City. Here you can see a good mixture of nature and urban life. I really like this environment because inside a busy city, a place like central park helps people feel like they can slow down, and just enjoy the beauty of nature. Positive feedback is shown by people when any elements of nature is involved, such as trees and flowers. More positive feedback means an increase in the land price surrounding that area, and overall a healthier and sustainable city. The great part about central park, is that it can be accessed either by walking or by public transportation easily for people who live near the area or are just visiting . Personally for me when I visit Central Park, I sometimes forget that I am still in one of the busiest places in the world, and it amazes me that such a different environment could be create inside an urban area.


This picture was taken in Philadelphia in front of 30th Penn station. I particularly like this environment because it allows people to sit, relax, and talk in the middle of a city. If a place was just filled with high rise buildings and streets, but no place to sit down and rest, then that is a failed planning. The variety present in this area adds to the reason why I personally like this area. For example, there are different arrangements, allowing individuals to pick and choose, giving them options such as a swinging bench, regular chairs and tables, and benches.


This picture was taken on a random street in New York City. I put this picture in the blog mainly because I liked the pavement style of this street. The pattern and type of pavement used makes the street more pedestrian friendly and instead of humans looking out of place, the automobile does.


This picture was taken inside of a car heading towards University City in Philadelphia. I disliked this environment, because although I was only 5 to 10 minute away from entering the city, there were just so many automobiles and you can not tell in the picture, but the pedestrian walkway was very slim. Just like Levy said, the main goal is to minimize car use and maximize public transportation and walking in order to make the city more sustainable and healthy. Yes, this was technically not in the city, but if a 5 to 10 minute car ride away from the city looks like this, then there are still many improvements to make in the planning aspect.


This picture was taken inside a train going from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Penn 30th station, Pennsylvania. To be blatantly honest, I dislike everything about this picture and the environment. It is not pleasing to the eye, and is just depressing. Taking public transportation over a car is already annoying enough for some people, in terms of the extra time it takes to get to their destination, but having to see this when looking out of a train window, just makes the commute even worse. There are absolutely no trees, no buildings, just metal and wires.