While I wouldn’t consider New Brunswick to be the most beautiful city, it definitely has some good characteristics. New Brunswick if a walkable city, most of which being part of the Transect 4 (T4) classification.

Some aspects I LIKE include:

This photo shows fairly wide sidewalks, grass, street trees, and on-street parking. It also shows some residential units lining the streets.



In this photo, I like the wide sidewalk, pedestrian cross-walks, and small business on the corner. As mentioned in class, Kelly’s Korner is probably of non-conforming use, since it is a bar in a primarily residential area.



Some aspects of New Brunswick that I DON’T LIKE include:

I do not like how the closest house, on the left, is not being kept up well. Similar to many New Brunswick homes, it appears to be dirty and in need of some maintenance. Also, the setback for these houses seems a bit awkward to me; the stairs should come out a few more inches or the whole house should be pushed back. I do like the newly-rebuilt front porch on the second house from the left, though.



In this photograph, the only thing I like is the placement of this small corner store in a residential area. Besides that, there is far too much pavement, no grass, no street trees, and its appears to be dirty. It is important that even urban areas have aspects of greenery and remain clean and welcoming.