Currently, I live in the T3 zoning- the general urban- and I like living here a lot. I get some privacy, yet I can still reach the retailer stores- Costco, Walmart, Target, Menlo Park Mall -and others- parks,  library, train station university, hospital- within 15 minutes drive. My family and I go out to eat a few times a week; therefore, we need diners and restaurants that are near us, which there is a lot near my neighborhood. This is very hard to find in other towns. Overall, I would say my neighborhood is a very convenient place to live for middle-class family, but it is not pretty and it is hard for people who do not have a car to go places. Most of the houses, the roads, and sidewalks lack style. New Jersey is called The Garden State, but I just do not see it in my neighborhood since there are not many street trees. Cars are parked on the sides of streets, which makes roads narrow and very hard for the cars to pass. The exteriors of the houses are so plain and lack of characters. The messy electricity poles totally destroy the view. The only attraction in my neighborhood is the water fountain.  It is understandable that my neighborhood is not as pretty as it should be because most of my neighbors are working class. We do not stay home often, so perhaps we do not care much of how it looks.

IMAG4340 (2).jpg

The Veterans Memorial Park on Route 27 is the only attraction in my neighborhood. It is very nice to have, but too many electric poles and other signs block the view.



the houses are built in the 70’s. They do not look as attractive as it today. there are not many street trees. the size of the house is much smaller compare to the one in 2010’s.


The neighborhood in which I live fits most of the goals of the comprehensive planning, which brings out a problem for the comprehensive planning. John Levy, the author of the Contemporary Urban Planning, mentioned that there is a total of 8 goals of comprehensive planning – health, public safety, circulation, provision of services and facilities, fiscal health, economic goals, environmental protection, and redistributive goals from mentioned in. However, it does not have a goal for overall appearance, like having a visual character for the neighborhood and the town.  It seems like “[a]t the present it is much more an art than a science,” and I do not see any art in my neighborhood.  This is a place without a character. Perhaps I ask too much for a normal town and neighborhood. Also, it is not worth it to upgrade the neighborhood just for the appearance currently since no one wants higher tax and this old neighborhood is well-developed. If I want to have a nice appearing neighborhood, I would have to find a newer developed neighborhood because newer developed neighborhood cares about appearance more than the old ones.