People rely on driving cars than taking public transportation in the U.S. for many reasons. First of all, most of the neighborhoods in the U.S is T3 zone, which it is not a walkable distance for people to travel from their home to other places, such as stores and their workplace. Therefore, it is easier for people to drive than to take public transportation. Also, most of the federal funds along with state funds spend the transportation budget on building the different kinds highways instead of on railroad system, which is understandable because it would cost a lot of money for federal to put money both on the roads for cars and roads for the train to cities. Last but not least, because there is no help from federal and there is not a big authority that is firm enough not only to cover within the state to create a functional plan, the public transportation system is not united which causes it is not convenient for people to use it. For example, New Jersey’s train lines were own by different private companies and there was no authority to control them all, until 1979, NJ Transit Rail Operations took the lines and operated them together. Transportation relies on the relationship with each other and near where people live and if the corporations do not work together then they would all fail. Therefore, New Jersey has started to form an authority,North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, to help to plan and help different transportation system to work together, and in 2013, They come out “the Plan 2040.” In this plan, they are preparing for the future such as mentioning about self-driving car and I like to address how it will affect the transportation in the future
In the near future, the electric, self-driving cars, buses, and trucks will dominate in the major transportation and still not the railroad in the U.S. There is not much need for the government to send much on the railroad because the roadway system has been well-functioning and heavily invested. Roadways come function for different sizes of vehicles, such as cars, buses, and trucks. Other the other hand railroad can only function with the train. Trains will be replaced by self-driving buses and trucks for transport people and goods. As mentioned in “the Plan 2040,” bridges and roads will be fixed and prepared for the future vehicles. Not to mention, Self-driving vehicles benefit for people who need to travel but cannot drive – elderly, disability, and teenagers. On the other hand, self-driving cars will become the new public transportation in the future because people can share the car like the taxi when one person gets off, another person hops on, This helps to reduce a lot of parking lots and spending a lot of money on buying a car and maintaining it.