Tesla recently published Solar Roof in October 2016. It is not a revolution idea since the solar panel has already released it. Also, there is something that needs to consider; for example, whether the solar roof can actually save the money.  There is a YouTuber named Ben from Ben Sullins Data Geek and he has a video giving out an estimated of having a roof with or without the regular solar panel to help us for later on to see if it worth it to have Tesla’ Solar Roof when the price is released. The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, did say, “Tesla’s solar roof to cost less than a regular roof – even before energy production” during the event. Also, Ben mentioned that the Solar Roof has a 30-year warranty. Anyway, I can see that it actually benefit in many different ways.


The Solar Roof can solve some problems that we have with how current electricity is provided, and beautify the neighborhood. First of all, look at the design that they put the roof panel and the solar panel together is amazing. It is actually pretty. The current solar panel stands out since it is installed on the top of the roof of the house. There will not be a power outage due to natural disaster and it took a lot of time to fix it.  Secondly, Our electricity did not clean energy. According to U.S Energy Information Administration, EIA , the current electricity mostly are coming from coal, natural gas, and nuclear and not so much on the renewable.[1] The coal and natural gas bring out toxic chemical and damage environment while the nuclear power may not safe for the environment since there was a Nuclear Disaster in Japan 2011. Not to mention, the price of the electricity is very unstable without know the reasons. From the EIA, the rate of cents per kilowatts has increased 6 cents on nationwide since 2001, which it will continue increasing.[2] If we use the Solar Roof, then we do not have to worry about the price of the cost of electricity since it is self-sufficiency. Last but not least, It is easier to build urban community since the government does not have to put electricity line on or under the ground.
This Solar Roof is a very great to have; however, it will cause some job shifts and policies change, which may take times for people to accept it. Also, perhaps it is too perfect that we do not know there may have other effects that I did not think about. Overall, I do believe that solar roof is a great invention and should bring out to the market asap.