The Rutgers campuses at New Brunswick have been preparing the bike share program as mentioned in the news, “Rutgers Prepares to Expand Bike Share Program on Campus | The Daily Targum” by Sharbel Skaff on Friday, Dec. 2. There are some roads on the campuses that have already added the bike roads to prepare for the program. This program will definitely provide a boost in transportation for students, and others as well, who are traveling between the campuses.

There are so many benefits for having the bike sharing program  such as traveling within campuses, reducing traffic on the crowded main roads, and having a boost in the economy. First of all, people have more options for traveling between classes. During the rush hours, buses are usually full and they do not come in on time, and people who are rushing to get to their next class can ride the bike. Secondly, some roads change to reduce traffic. For example, the Seminary Place on the College Ave. campus changed the road from two-way road into a one-way for vehicles and replaced it into a two way bike road. Furthermore, it helps the economy. It provides job opportunity for bike maintenance. Last but not least, it promotes students to exercise. Students get some chances to rides within the campuses and to the Johnson park. Perhaps, an increase admission during summer since the weather is nice out, and the having public bikes can promote people to travel in the nice weather.

However, I worry about the safety and law regulations for riding the bicycle. The laws in New Jersey do not require people who are above 18 year-old wear helmet, and the city is a very chaotic place especially during the rush hours. Also, there are not many laws that protect bicyclists. In the New Jersey’s law bicyclist must know and follow the auto vehicle law without giving classes and information. The lack of laws for bicycles does not just happen in New Jersey; it happens in New York City as well. If the New York City, a city with an average of  million people traveling with bikes, does not have laws for bikes and protect the bikers, then it is very hard for the government of New Jersey to set up laws for the bikes. Also, a lot of drivers do not respect bikers and the bike lanes, the cars are often stopped in the bike lanes. Perhaps, auto vehicles drivers need some time to address the new changes on the roads.