Housing has been a main priority of the planning field, ever since its origins. People need a roof to live under, and somewhere to grow and raise a family. As many know, it is not an easy task to be able to afford a comfortable environment for a family, so what are these lower-income families supposed to do? Mark Chiusano explains the future plans of Donald Trump in his article “What Donald Trump and Ben Carson mean for affordable housing.”

Donald Trump and Ben Carson have plans to address affordable housing, and as Republicans, you can be sure it doesn’t involve using more government money. But, all hope is not lost because their plan involves increasing private development,” Chiusano said. They plan to use the approach of giving away subsidies, or tax breaks, to companies who come in and build an affordable housing project that complies with the basic standards set by the government. The concern with these houses is their upkeep. New York City alone had to invest about $300 million to replace leaking roofs in very many of their affordable housing structures.


Affordable housing is extremely important to community development, and must be taken seriously as a planner, because people will alway need somewhere to live, and the people who can’t afford to live under a  roof should be able to get help to afford that. Affordable housing is tricky because it could potentially bring in lower-income residents which would result in more crime and a lower quality of life for an area, which would drastically change property values and make people not want to live there. These projects typically meet with resistance from the citizens already living in the area where the affordable housing should be built.

Trump and his father were sued in 1973 for allegedly not renting his property to African Americans, because of their skin color. This is a very interesting case, now considering that Donald Trump is president and will now have to ensure people have a place to live,  even people of lower incomes, who can’t exactly afford a roof for their families. The hopes are that a program called Rental Assistance Demonstration will help New Yorkers be able to understand and more easily control their affordable housing needs.