After reading chapter 15, about Environmental and Energy Planning, it is interesting to learn about the specific laws regulating pollution. Starting in 1970, Nixon began a campaign that will last for the rest of our lives. The limitations on sulfur dioxide resulted in substantial decreases of the pollutant in our atmosphere. Pollution is very prevalent in our society. Today, in Delhi, they are experiencing severe pollution in the form of smog. This smog is a result of very specific weather conditions, that don’t allow the pollution to diffuse elsewhere. The pollutants are coming from “vehicular traffic, smoke from firecrackers, and the burning of post-harvest paddy stalks in neighboring states,” claims HT Correspondents from the Hindustan Times. People in Delhi are struggling and have been since the end of Diwali. There are claims that the smog is physically impairing people. Complaints that the smog “left bitter taste in the mouth and eyes watering,” are flooding in. Officials in New Delhi are recommending that when citizens leave their house, that they wear a mask. The government is also considering shutting down operations of a nearby coal plant, shutting down all non-necessary diesel engines, and shutting down construction sites for 5-10 days. Another more radical option that has been considered is, “cloud seeding, a process that induces artificial rain that can help settle pollutants and clear the smog.” Times are desperate for New Delhi, and we must consider what we are doing to our planet.

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This is directly related to the reading from this week, in particular, how laws on sulfur dioxide, which comes from the burning of coal, need to be implemented. New Delhi needs to be more aware of what they are doing and start implementing laws to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. How can you allow your citizens to live in a place that doesn’t even have clean air? Alternative energy options need to be in the forefront of our political policies. The signs are clear, take New Delhi for example, that our planet is changing for the worse. We must take action to reverse the damage that has been done and keep pushing our governmental leaders to take action and not stand by anymore. The planet is being destroyed and our generation will have to deal with the aftermath. Although there has been failure in the recent history of the federal government helping environmental companies, it is not a time to accept companies like Solyndra going bankrupt. There will be opportunity in the future for these companies to thrive.