The environments we live in shape our lives every single day. Whether you think about it or not, your mind has perceptions and feelings associated with any place. As we discussed in class, New Urbanism is a new way of creating communities. It places a strong emphasis on different sectors, or the term New Urbanists use, transects. Each transect describes a different type of area, from natural countryside, to urban city centers. As I traveled the city of New Brunswick, I tried to stay on the College Ave Campus so I could show how diverse this area really is.


This is Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick, across from Huntington Street. As you can see, there is a large open field with plenty of trees around, accompanied by some benches and a baseball field. I really like this park because it is very natural and it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to play on fields like this. This area would be described by the Transect T2 because of the lack of housing in the picture, the area is supposed to be open and natural, yet it is not completely untouched by humans. New urbanists would want fields like this to be located on the outer edge of towns.


This was taken on Easton Ave, right before its intersection with Hamilton Street. I do not enjoy this area as much because of how old and ugly things look. There are hardly any signs of nature even though this is a very popular street to be walking on. New Urbanists would be happy that these houses are right up on the street and there are not many driveways, but they would not be happy with how things look in terms of dirtiness and wires coming out of all of the houses.


Here is an area that is barely a block away from the last picture yet I enjoy it much more. This is Hansel n’ Griddle, with some very new apartments that have been built over top of this. The reason this picture is so different from the last is its appearance. There are some bushes in the area to the side and front of Hansel, much newer sidewalks, and the building while being much newer, also extends higher, leading to more density. As you can see from this link, new urbanists are supporters of density in urban centers and cores.


Here is an area that I do not like as much as a new urbanist would. This is Albany Street as you approach George Street. This area could be considered an urban core of New Brunswick. A new urbanist would probably appreciate how it lives up to their principles, but the traffic situation in this area is very congested and I don’t think they would appreciate how much traffic goes through this area.