I have lived in my hometown of Freehold, NJ all my life, until now living at New Brunswick.  But freehold is still my home town and I love it there.  This first picture is the biggest and best part of freehold, the very large commercial district of Freehold, the Freehold Raceway Mall.

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Image result for freehold raceway mallFreehold raceway mall has got it all, tons of parking space for the all the people that come from all over Monmouth county to shop at our elite mall. A movie theater right around the corner along with a Dick’s Sporting Goods and a Bob’s Store.  It is a great place for community area for people to meet up and interact.  Opened in 1990 Freehold Raceway Mall has made many expansions for the increase in popularity, it replaces Freehold borough as a downtown Freehold and acts as a downtown for many surrounding towns that are very spread out and do not have a central place for interaction.

The next place in Freehold I want to look at is the crowded single family housing of RaintreeScreenshot (5).png

This is neighborhood with affordable and high income housing.  In the very middle of Raintree sits a 9 hole golf course surrounded by residential housing.  Certain houses like the ones above are dominated by parking and takes away from the house. The garages of all these houses are in the directly in the view of the houses and is an overall eyesore.  Parking is a big issue in urban planning and these urban planners made it front and center for everyone’s attention.

A great place where the locals go to meet up and watch the games is historic Moore’s Tavern.  Moores has been around since 1787 and was host to many historic American War Heroes, including our first president George Washington. Image result for moores tavern freehold njScreenshot (7).pngAs you can see it is on the corner with a sidewalk and enough green space around it so that people on the sidewalk are not bothered by the bar.  The plaza between the two bars is a nice space with comfortable seating and is a nice place to interact with people.  Also the parking is in the back of the building away from the scenic view of the building making it very attractive to look at.  Moore’s Tavern is a very popular spot for everyone in Freehold, catching up with friends from high school and  seeing teachers from the freehold family is very common at Morres and is a huge local hit for when it is time to watch the game.

The last place I want to bring you is Schanck Rd right off of route 9.Screenshot (9).pngScreenshot (8).png

This a place bursting with commerce but is being limited by bad planning.  The picture right above shows an office building with a nice side walk but is for some reason is smack in the middle of two huge places of sale and entertainment. Behind it is the parking lot for IPlay America and a strip mall.  On the other side is a gas station, 7-11 and Burger King.Screenshot (10).pngAs you can see the small grey building closest to the huge strip mall has an empty parking lot and has no business being there. That extra space and the large green field should be given a purpose as a common space for people to hang out and socialize giving there is a huge strip mall that hold music events for teens, has a bar for the adults, and one of the biggest arcades for the kids in IPlay America. All that space goes to waste and looks unsatisfying but with some eloquent  urban planning this space can become the just like Freehold Raceway Mall.