New Jersey is known for having one of the greatest highway systems in the United States. In addition to our many NJ State and US Highways, 3 of the 4 Major Interstate Highways that Anchor the New York Area are in New Jersey. In addition to that we have smaller interstates highways as well as State highways. We really are lucky to have such a great system.

However one problem i notice while driving around on our highways is our lack of organization. Some state highways such as Routes 3, 4 and 17 in Bergen County are Major expressways with 3 lanes in each direction and a divider. Other state highways such as Routes 5 and 7 are tiny back roads, no different from a local town road. To me, it makes absolutely no sense that Route 4 is a highway and Route 5 is a town road. Moreover, our highway system doesn’t work as well as it could. This is because some people don’t know about alternate routes that may take them to their destination quicker. An example of this would be if you’re driving on the turnpike going north and your destination is Connecticut, the route most people take would be to continue onto the GWB and cross into New York. However if their is heavy traffic on the bridge or in the city (their always is) , the best option might be to take one of the Bergen County highways up to interstate 287. As it stands, only the locals know this shortcut but this could be easily avoided if we had an improved signage system. Similarly, while their are many reasons as to why we have have the traffic that we do in NJ, and while this won’t get rid of traffic, it will definitely help.
We are next door neighbors to one of the most visited cities in the world, yet most of these people who might drive through our state aren’t easily directed to our attractions. In New York City, every major highway has signs that list the major places where that highway brings you. For example in NYC, Interstate 278 is known to the locals as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or BQE. When a tourist hears this, they can use common sense to see where that highway takes them. I believe one major thing we can do to fix this is to start naming more highways. Numbers are easy to remember but they don’t provide much information.

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Sign for the BQE at entrance ramp under the Brooklyn bridge.