Atlantic City is home to the iconic boardwalk made famous in the 20th century. It was constructed in 1870 and nearly spans the entire length of the Absecon Island.  It is a staple of Atlantic City’s culture and attracts millions of tourists year in and year out. It was home to the famous diving horse act held on Steel Pier from the 1950s-1970s. If you have ever seen an episode of the HBO program “Boardwalk Empire’ you will look at these pictures and realize that not much has changed since the golden years of the city.


Boardwalk right before Steel Pier


Steel Pier

Revel has been a hot topic of conversation in the past year due to its initial hype and then its recent closing. Not pictured, but directly behind Revel’s tower is a $160 million dollar power plant. The power plant was responsible for powering the second tallest building in New Jersey. Revel was a very expensive building and was shut down before it was actually completely finished. There was originally supposed to be two towers but as we know that never amounted to anything. The monthly operating costs of Revel was around $3 million a month. Construction of Revel cost roughly $2.4 billion and was recently just sold to a Florida based developer for $82 million… Quite the steal for a beautiful brand new building. Straub has high hopes for Atlantic City. He envisions redeveloping Bader Field with a new airstrip, a concert venue, and a helicopter service connecting the city to NYC. He sees the city being the home to 2 universities, something that I agree very strongly with. College towns seem to always survive, especially a college on the beach in an entertainment hub on the Jersey shore.


A look at Revel in the distance from the shoreline


Tony Baloney’s in the inlet section of AC


A look at Borgata, the marina district, the coast guard base, and Golden Nugget from historic Gardener’s Basin

Both the restaurant and the picture below are located in the inlet section of the city. The inlet is home to a popular surf spot, historic Gardener’s Basin, an aquarium, and several unique restaurants. This is one of the nicer areas in the city that has been gentrified but still is lacking the population. There are many summer homes in this area and during the winter it is a barren ghost town. With the prospect of Stockton opening a campus in this area this neighborhood could be the new hot spot in the state. This area would make the best college town because of its size, location, and its uniqueness.

_DSC0031 2

Boardwalk Hall – AC’s first convention center

Boardwalk Hall was built in 1926 and was the product of a Mr. Edward Bader. It was home to the Miss America Pageant, you can see the Miss America statue in the left of the picture above. The Hall was home to the 1964 Democratic National Convention and has hosted many famous entertainers and various sporting events. It was the home to the AC Bullies ECHL hockey team for a brief few years but that did not last too long. The building for being as old as it is, is in great condition and has the ability to host just about any event.

_DSC0039 2

Caesar’s Pier shopping complex

The last picture I took of AC is the Pier shopping complex. I was always under the impression that it was a newer pier built a little bit before I was born but after some research I discovered that it was actually built in 1906. It was used for entertainment purposes until 1983 where is was converted into a mall. The current pier was renovated in 2006 and is the home to many luxury shops.