Repairs being done on Route 3

New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure network is going to face many big crises in the near future if nothing gets done to improve the existing network. The Number of bridges that are on the verge of collapse, roads that need to be repaired and made safer for drivers, and railroad crossings that don’t have barriers to warn drivers of oncoming trains are some of the transportation problems that need to be fixed. New Jersey’s Transportation Department say they don’t have enough money to carry out all the repairs and is thinking of raising the price of gas. Raising the gas prices is a politically sensitive subject and politicians find the subject touchy. Currently the price of gas has started inching up slowly, any interference that will raise the price of gas further, will have a political backlash for supporters of the price hike. I would like to know why the Transportation Department doesn’t have enough money to fix and repair the transportation infrastructure. Doesn’t the State have a Transportation Fund Authority that is supposed to cater for all transportation needs. Where is all the money collected from gas taxes, tolls, fees and other sources go to?

Politicians and experts tend to argue that the money collected and put in the transportation fund is used elsewhere, where its needed the most. Any person who does a financial budget for the house understands that you can not use money that has been allocated for a particular use to something else. For example if you allocate money to pay the electric bill, you do not pay the cable bill because you want to watch a particular show. If you do this the cable TV will be on but there will be no electricity to enjoy your show, because you didn’t pay the light bill. The same logic needs to be applied by the State when it comes to the Transportation Fund, use the money from this fund for improving the transportation network of New Jersey.  If our transportation network starts crumbling, businesses and people will start moving away from New Jersey to other States that have better transportation networks. New Jersey will then end up with less tax revenue and  skilled manpower. It is a matter of public interest for all residence of New Jersey to engage politicians and community leaders to find ways of keeping the funds in the Transportation Fund Authority, and make sure the funds are strictly used for transportation purposes.