IMG_0117My street

I live in Burlington township at a development called steeplechase and is close to route 295, and the NJ Turnpike. I like the way the development is set up, we have a basketball court, tennis court, and a baseball park that is right across the development. The streets are lined with walkways, making it easier for children to ride bikes and walk safely. We have stores nearby, industries, and an elementary school that is less than five minutes away from the development. “Urban design also deals with a large number of variables, such as transportation, neighborhood identity, pedestrian orientation,  and climate”(Levy 172).

IMG_0171I pass this building in New Brunswick that looks abandoned on my way to school.

I always wondered why Rutgers University couldn’t buy the property located near Douglas and Cook colleges, and convert it to cheap housing for students. After doing some research, I was surprised to learn that this building located at the border of North Brunswick and New Brunswick right off Georges road, was actually the National Musical String Company built in 1897. The factory was the largest producer of musical strings in the world. It is now preserved as a historical site by the City of New Brunswick. New Brunswick government can do a better job of preserving the building because its an eyesore for commuters on Georges road.


Driving on I-95 West going home during rush hour. One thing I have noticed while driving on this road is the lack of a shoulder to pull off in case of an emergency. I-95 West is a very busy road, and when an accident occurs you can get stuck in traffic for a long time, which I don’t like.


A boarded up house in Mt. Holly located off King street. King street is a busy road in Mt. Holly because on the left it leads to the Superior court house and on the right it leads to Virtua Hospital, which is the biggest hospital in the area. The land the house sits on can be zoned by the local zoning board to allow for building of affordable apartments to cater for the growing population of Mount Holly. I don’t like this because its a waste of space.IMG_2228Mill creek park in Willingboro Township, Burlington county. I like to walk and jog in this beautiful park. Occasionally you can see deer feeding in the park. The park is a good use of urban space, because if the township did not zone the land for public use, it would probably have been developed with concrete buildings. MusicalStringCo.jpg

Levy, John M. Contemporary Urban Planning. 10th ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Education, 2013. Print.