Real Estate is boring, lets face it. Its a slow business and it does not intrigue most people. For me, my favorite part of real estate was the big deal, the very cool architecture work/ site plan and watching an empty lot become a magnificent home. But now the coolest thing that I have seen out of Real Estate in the past 5 years is what the town of Hempstead is doing in Long Island. Hempstead, is long overdue for a redevelopment plan but instead of just of the town just hiring one or a few big developers for the project, they are letting the town citizens have a big voice as well. To me this seems like the most modern way any town can start a redevelopment phase.

This link goes to the website, which is a website created by the town to show how the redevelopment phase is going, the overall plan, a blog for the citizens to write in and much more. By having a website that explains everything and actually asks for the local citizens input and comments just gets everybody involved and fully into the project. The second coolest part about this redevelopment process is that the town knows the tons of jobs that this project is creating. The town is actually open to finding a local developer, contractors, architecture etc. just to help out with the local economy. Then on top of that, they made a local business started idea pamphlet that will help out any local businesses that just started or are soon to start because of the development.

Another cool thing about the website is the Power of 10 that they created.The power of 10 is a citizen only, idea generating blog. Citizens come up with the ideas to implement into the redevelopment phase, and other citizens vote on the best one. Then the town puts that into the redevelopment process. The reasoning behind it is to find the interests and wants of the town, to then get them involved and heard. I mean after all real estate is about the people living in the town, not about the developer just making a lot of money!!!!????!!!! Right????

This is honestly one of the smartest ideas I have seen out of town/ municipal system. I am so impressed that the town is taking a longer time, making sure they do this right and exactly how the citizens want it. Its the most economic way to redevelop any area. Definitely should look a lot more into this really cool project that is happening not so far away from us!!!