One area in terms of planning that I do not like is the Roselle Golf Course in Roselle, New Jersey. The golf operations at this location have long been discontinued but the owner has been maintaining the landscape. The problem with this is that it is a large portion of land that sits untouched amidst several suburban residential communities and also next to some commercial properties. It was once a golf course so the land within is very clean and in good shape. It is currently barricaded off with a large fence and surrounded with tons of buffer (trees and shrubs). From the outside it looks very unaesthetic and it feels like a huge void located in that part of the town. It’s a piece of the map that everyone ignores and pretends that it doesn’t exist but little do they realize that it takes away from the community because of it’s surrounding. Every side of it is essentially a giant wall of trees next to an old barbwire fence with garbage littered along the grass next to it from time to time. It looks really unappealing. A Sears storefront covers one side and some other borders of it are right next to residential houses. At the front of the golf course property is a large parking lot that remains extremely underused. Featuring over 70 parking spaces, the parking lot is occasionally seen with one of two cars on it. Currently, it is a huge waste of space for something that can easily be turned into an excellent recreational park that can get the community closer. There has been a redevelopment plan in the works in which they hope to build new residential units where the golf course currently sits. Most residents aren’t typically thrilled about such a project.


Parking lot of the former Golf Course in Roselle, NJ


View of golf course from adjacent residential community

Another area that I do not like is a particularly large fenced off lot in the middle of a suburban residential area in Roselle Park, New Jersey. It is a large field that remains unused with a barbed wire fence surrounding it. It is very unappealing in which what is considered a very nice and park-like community. Within this field on the right is an old abandoned factory that stopped operating decades ago. It is severely outdated and rundown. The windows were destroyed over time and later boarded up. The town eventually just painted over it to make it look less dreadful. It clearly didn’t help to hide how diminished it looks.  It is right across the street from residential homes so the view is very unpleasant. It is in the middle of a nice looking community and it really throws off the intended planning for Roselle Park.


Fenced off field in Roselle Park, NJ


Abandoned warehouse next to the fenced off field


Abandoned warehouse viewed from the street/other properties

One area that I like in terms of planning is the Colfax Manor Apartments in Roselle Park, New Jersey. These apartments are pretty affordable for most low and middle-income families and their design is very simple and fitting. They fit several housing units within a pretty small area in Roselle Park and it looks pretty spacious within the community. It really compliments the overall suburban community of Roselle Park and it seamlessly blends with the houses adjacent to the apartments. The spaces within represent a park-like setting with long grasslands between each building with pathways connecting them all. They offer on street parking on the roads that go through the small community, as well as spaces spread all around the property, and even a small lot near the center of the property. There are several trees and shrubs that give it a natural park-like feel.


Entrance to Colfax Manor in Roselle Park, NJ


Buildings in Colfax Manor

Another area that I like is the Gold Leaf Manor Apartment building in Linden, New Jersey. It is a four-story low-rise building with the first floor serving as a surface lot for parking. It is a pleasant building with a very fitting design to the surrounding neighborhood. It is a fairly grandiose building in comparison to adjacent properties but it gives the community a nice look. There are 54 luxury units inside and an abundant amount of parking to accommodate the tenants. I like that it has parking on the first floor because it provides plenty of parking space without losing building land cover. There are also spaces provided in the whole other half of the property in the back. It is an exceptional addition to the community and it provided great luxury apartments in pretty close proximity to Linden train station.


Gold Leaf Manor in Linden, NJ