I don’t like-

Joe Palaia Park- there is building that has been vacant for many years that used to be a main walking/driving entrance to the park. I believe the building was used as storage years ago but has not been touched since then. As you can see there is no really maintenance for this building as it and a couple of smaller garages around it. You can also see the windows and doors have been nailed down shut, there is a fence with barb wiring around the whole facility and there are vines and plants growing up and around the building.

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I don’t like this lot where stop and shop was supposed to be. Biggest land not developed in Oakhurst. Waste of prime real estate on route 35. Whole dispute and cases of why more stores cant go there but the town wants more apartments and housing. The land as you can see is not maintained at all and has not been touched/groomed in over 5 years.

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I don’t like the pointless retail and restaurants on Monmouth road. I have seen many different small companies and restaurants come and go over the years and I believe it is because of multiple reasons. First off, the property here is not appealing and is not so maintained. Second, the location and placement of the buildings so close to a busy street where there are no walking paths or safe curbs. Third, Nothing can strive in a town that is doubled during the summer but during the winter has literally nobody living there as a full time resident.

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I Like-

I like the library and the surrounding environment- They built this property complex up about around 5 years ago. Added a new township library, offices in the back, a museum and a trail/walking bridge that leads to Joe Palaia Park.design 1

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Congregation Magen David Of West Deal – Magnificent building that stands out but fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment at the same time. For the Jewish Community in my township it is a big part of who we are and is a place of gathering for hundreds of Jews around the tri state area during high holidays or weekends. The building being smack in the middle of the Jewish community of Deal really makes all feel like they are at home. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other happy occasions are also at this location.

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