I live in Hub City, which is the nickname of New Brunswick. My surrounding environment has its own diversity and unique cultural value.  Advantages of my urban environment are to have well-appointed public service, Eco-friendly campus, and public parking lot.


<Rutgers Student Center>

Public service or transportation is very crucial to each community member. Regionally, Rutgers University campuses are located in New Brunswick and Piscataway. Rutgers University’s shuttle buses will take people to everywhere in Rutgers University campuses with free fare and convenient service.


<Eco-friendly campus> 

When I walk around Murray Hall, which is located near the Old Queens, I can see giant trees and a growing grass. It looks very eco-friendly. The Eco-friendly campus provides fresh air and creates safe pedestrian- friendly streets. I think environmental preservation will encourage students on campus to become more active.


<A large parking lot>

These days, most students are complaining about the university parking system. However, behind the College Avenue gymnasium, there is a large parking space for students and faculty. I think that vast parking lot can solve the problem of traffic congestion, especially in rush hour time. Streets will not be packed with parked cars if there is a serviceable parking lot with open space.

However, my surrounding environment has a disadvantage of public safety. Rutgers University and New Brunswick city government should promote public health and safety in order to make a better university environment.


<Dark street at night>

When you walk left on-campus areas, you will see darkness around off-campus areas. Most streets and avenues in off-campus areas are sometimes too dark to walk at night. Therefore, most students raise concerns of safety issues at night. Darkness in off-campus areas cannot guarantee public safety for students. Rutgers University or New Brunswick city government should install more streetlights for improving public safety.


<Broken cracked street on campus> 

Broken cracked streets are not safe on walk because people can be seriously injured by themselves. This weak road infrastructure can be connected to a public safety concern. Rutgers University should inspect the infrastructural condition of every sidewalk on-campus areas in order to ammoniate public safety.


<Puddle form on the road>

Behind the College Avenue gymnasium, puddle form is on the road on rainy days because the drain system under the road is not very functional. However, this problem can be a public safety concern in winter season because standing water on the road freezes easily in cold temperatures. Therefore, walking down icy roads are dangerous to pedestrians. Rutgers University should repair the drain system as soon as possible.