One way to get rid of traffic jams and get people to work and other places they need to be with the least amount of accidents is a speedy mass transportation system. It is a matter of public interest for Local and Federal governments in collaboration with private companies to provide high speed rail roads and trains for commuters. In the long run the amount of money and lives saved will be worth the investment. Not everyone can afford to live in Manhattan, but one can find better paying jobs in the city than in rural towns, getting into the city will be a breeze if you hop on a high speed train.

Some advantages provided by high speed trains include job creation, reducing dependency on gas from foreign countries, improving the environment by reducing emissions from vehicles and most important saving lives that are lost because of vehicle accidents annually. The public should also take an interest in pushing for high speed rail by calling and talking to their respective legislators. The public should also organize themselves and form high speed rail interest groups to lobby congressmen and congresswomen to create incentives and laws that will attract private companies to help make the project a success.

Politicians in the city of Austin , Texas would like to build a high speed rail line, but farmers and land owners on the proposed route of the rail line do not want the rail line passing through their properties. According to John Levy ” The planner who takes a comprehensive view of the city or town maybe frustrated by citizens who are tremendously concerned with what happens in their immediate vicinity but relatively unconcerned about the big picture.” (Levy 96)). The rail line will benefit the city of Austin and the state of Texas financially, but property owners are more concerned with how their property will look than future benefits to the society as a whole.

Currently there are several plans of high speed rail lines in the country but they have not come to fruition because of lack of public interest, leading to political disinterest. California High Speed Rail Authority is working on building  a high speed rail from San Francisco to the LA basin to be completed in 2029. When the project is completed, the state of California will reduce congestion on some of the highways and will the rail line end up paying for itself after several years, among other benefits.

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