Suburban sprawl is fueled by technological advances of all types. Motor vehicles aided in the original suburban boom and every since then technology has propelled sprawl. In this modern digital age many people don’t have a need to have a face to face conversion because of cell phones. Cities produced themselves because of a necessity of being close to work. People liked being in close proximity to their jobs and being close to work and living in the city no longer mattered when people realized that they could live outside the city and simply drive to work.

The Garden City model Howard devised was a brilliant idea to help the problems cities were facing in the early 20th century, in moderation. It seems like Americans have this problem of doing everything to serious extremes and in this case, the suburban sprawl that stemmed from the Garden City created some new problems in the process of ‘fixing’ the city. The new Garden City doesn’t have the pollution that the inner city has nor does is it as loud but Scott Bernstein, the president of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, presents an idea of “location efficiency” (Badger.) The city style life has just about everything that one would want within a walking distance whereas the suburban areas require people to drive to places they want to go.

This technological world we live in is based on connections and efficiency. With that being said, how connected and efficient can one feel with a thirty minute commute to work? There needs to be a return to the city in the form of a Radiant City with a focus on connectivity to produce lively cities and neighborhoods within these cities. A Radiant City would attract the creative class and in turn would create new economies. I have this obsession with Atlantic City and there is no real “center” of the city. The demographics of the city, strictly from observation, is so spread out where the border of Ventnor and Atlantic City along with the inlet near Revel is the home to a higher class of people versus the middle of the city. If the general population of the city gravitated towards the center of the city location efficiency would help alleviate city traffic and connect more people to the downtown area. I may have intangible goals for Atlantic City but in doing my class project I will definitely come back to this idea of a possible transformation of Atlantic City to a Radiant City.

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