A Sudden rise in the Smart Growth suburban area is a very flexible approach in America. Carmel in Indiana, for example, they visualized a different way of developing their suburban area. Carmel’s choice was the Smart Growth project, and this project made its local area become the best suburban area in the United States.The purpose of the Smart Growth is to provide an eco-friendly city environment, and promote public interests through developing a suburban area.However, some local communities tend to develop their suburban areas in a metropolitan city scale, as they consider an advanced urban renewal program of a metropolitan city to be the best choice. However, when planning and developing a suburban area, each municipal community should consider and endeavor to satisfy the needs of the municipal residents. Unconditional developing of a suburban area on a metropolitan city scale seems unlikely to be the best choice. Developers need to put more emphasis on minor details for local communities, such as public amenities or public facilities.


< Carmel, Indiana>

Each municipal community in America has its own unique culture and characteristic value. Clearly, the Smart Growth in a suburban area helps maintain those unique cultures and attractions. Municipal residents will experience that implementing the smart growth in their suburban areas promotes public services and public facilities, such as eco-friendly parks, public amenities, and road infrastructures. For instance, the smart growth project in New Brunswick will create an eco-friendly campus environment, such as safe streets or parks, for Rutgers University students. This will not only improve the campus atmosphere and the quality of students’ campus lives, but will also enhance the value of Rutgers University.


<The Smart Growth Project>


<Form-Based Zoning>

 In order to maximize the benefit of the Smart Growth in a suburban area, developers need to deeply consider “Form-Based Zoning”. Since its principle is place based, the land use property of “Form-Based Zoning” is suitable for accomplishing community development’s goalsin addition to transit and pedestrian oriented development. In other words, it contributes to enhance the value of local community and includes public space standard and building form standard. Therefore, putting an emphasis on the public space and building’s characteristic morphological features in a redevelopment area is significant. Moreover, developers should maximize public interests in local communities by creating public amenities, and providing diverse public services. Therefore, the smart growth certainly is an example of innovative urbanism.

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