Pacific Park, formerly known as Atlantic Yards, is a development project that has been in the works for several years now in Brooklyn, New York. There was a significant amount of controversy surrounding the eminent domain battle with the residence living on the grounds where Atlantic Yards was going to be developed. After several years of struggle for the project, in 2009 the $5 billion dollar development finally had the New York Court of Appeals rule that the state can seize property for the project. The court ruled 6-1, which allowed them to use eminent domain and seize private property with just compensation.


It is believed that the development of Pacific Park, which includes the new Barclays Center arena, home of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, will be beneficial to the community in terms of increasing employment of the surrounding residents, increasing the value of the city of Brooklyn, and increasing revenue. Individuals opposing the project feel that tax-paying homeowners people have lost their property rights unjustly and that the project will create considerable amounts of congestion in vehicle and pedestrian traffic. “The fight against the Atlantic Yards project is far from over,” claims Daniel Goldstein, who is an avid spokeman for the Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn group.  Do you think a development of this scale is carrying a negative impact to the community? Or do you think that this development will positively impact the community in the long run?



Many believed that eminent domain for this development was unconstitutional and property holders tried their best to win the New York courts over. After the ruling and offering a few months for owners to remove all of their property, citizens were forced out if they did not comply. With such a huge outcry from residents of Brooklyn, do you think that forcing citizens out of their homes was unconstitutional?  Or do you think that a mixed-use commercial and residential development is beneficial enough to justify eminent domain?