I would like to discuss how to maximize the public interest in public services like New York’s LaGuardia airport Air Train and others. Josh Barro said that, ” Air Train is now judged as the more inefficient transportation system rather than the existing express bus.”  Air Train goes all around the southeast of the airport away from Manhattan, so LaGuardia airport Air Train and the other airport trains take more time than express buses do. The original purpose of the Air Train construction was to easily and efficiently transport as many passengers as it could for cheaper prices. If LaGuardia airport can figure out the current public service, it will definitely have an increasing number of passengers and a high level of public interest.

LaGuardia airport express bus

<LaGuardia airport Express Bus> 

LaGuardia new design Air Train

< LaGuardia airport Air Train>


<Proposed Air Train Route>

To begin with, we need to understand the mutual correlation between railroad technology and urban development. In the 1820s, the railroad system was a newly developed and innovative technology in the United States. This transportation technology greatly contributed to urbanizing and industrializing less urban areas in America. In the book “Contemporary Urban Planning” by John. M. Levy, the author argues that “the coming of railroad technology beginning in the 1820s continued the concentrating effect […]; thus, rail served sites permitted manufactures and wholesalers very large cost saving” (11). In a similar perspective, a well-appointed train system will attract many people, which will consequently build an attractive image to the airport and lead to the concentrative effect that will contribute to New York’s urban development.

Unfortunately, the current Air Train transit system seems somewhat difficult to guarantee public interest, as a number of people think that the state agencies, such as MTA,  poorly predicted railway travel time efficiency and economic feasibility of this train system.

In order to maximize the public interest, the federal government should be able to predict an increase in the airport passengers and manage its transit system efficiently and effectively. It means that the federal government should more deeply consider the timetable, number of stops, and the two transportations’ systems expenses. This will eventually help the federal government target as many customers as it can, increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of the transportation systems. Although New York’s LaGuardia airport and other airports might suffer some losses, they should invest additional funds to rearrange the current transportation infrastructure, improve transportation efficiency and shape the current system into a better public service. Well-appointed public services can expect more public interest in the future.

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