The Atlanta Braves have two more seasons at Turner Field before moving into their new SunTrust Park stadium in Cobb county. The shift in attendance of Brave games in the last decade has been decreasing and the stadium which was built in 1996 to serve the centennial piece for the 1996 Summer Olympics, was in need of hundreds of millions in repairs. The construction of SunTrust Park was to revive the franchise and create a centerpiece for tourism. Now to supplement this revival is a 400 million dollar development plan of mixed used district adjacent to the stadium.


Although this depiction does not show a final plan, most large buildings are determined to be final, such as the luxury residential buildings looking into the stadium and office buildings. Many commercial and residential tenants have showed high interest in this project in the recent release of the plan, giving the plan a confident outlook. Turner Field is surrounded by parking lots and small residential communities. The mixed use district will provide a strong influence for tourism and increase attendance significantly.

Stadiums can have different effects on different communities based mainly on location. In Harrison, NJ where the Red Bull Stadium was constructed, hopes of spurring the economy throughout the community proved dismal. This was mainly due to the separation of the stadium and local communities from Interstate-280. Harrison is now redeveloping land around the stadium and also renovating the PATH train station which will improve tourism and the economy in immediate areas of the stadium, eventually integrating with the rest of the community.

I believe this mix used district was an essential addition to create a cornerstone in tourism in MLB stadiums. This will undoubtedly be the location of an MLB all-star game in the near future, and also many other events.


  1. Scott Trubey

Phil W. Hudson