San Francisco Graffiti


One of my favorite things about San Fransisco was the street art.  Areas that would otherwise look run down were flooded with tourists and residents admiring the art.  It’s a great way to revitalize areas that aren’t visually appealing and sterile.  I would love to see art like this on places such as bridges and even along highways.

San Francisco Parklet

sidewalk park

A big challenge in urban environments is reshaping an already highly developed area.  What becomes even more difficult is adding a park to that environment.  A really creative way around those issues that I saw in San Francisco was transforming parking spots into small parks with benches, tables, and some plants.  The idea is called a “parklet” and it is slowly being seen in many other cities around the country.  Not only does doing this add a small park on a street that would attract customers to a nearby business, it’s also a strategy to slowly remove cars from the road.

New Brunswick Birchwood Apartments


I have a love/hate relationship with the birchwood apartments in New Brunswick.  Their affordability and facilities are suitable for college students, but the overall design is quite lacking.  First off the appearance of the apartments are very dull and unattractive.  There’s also the extensive parking lot which is not only unatractive but also alienating. But the biggest issue with them is the lack of individuality.  Each unit is identical and lacks creativity.  When you’re among the apartments you feel slightly emprissoned and unwelcome.

Los Angeles Residential Street


This residential area in Los Angeles is surprisingly (or expectedly) designed heavily for vehicles.  The corners of the sidewalk are curved and the streets are wide.  Cars that go down this street lack little motivation to move slowly.  The result of such a car friendly street is a pedestrian and resident un-friendly neighborhood.  It’s unlikely that you’d see someone walking along this street other than to and from their car.  In fact, throughout my whole time in L.A. I hardly ever saw people walking on the streets.  The effect was a desolate ambiance where the streets feel deserted and lifeless.