During this week, I rode over to Somerset to take some pictures in the area. It is mostly suburban, but there are different locations that I did enjoy looking at while others did not appease as much. I’ll start off with the ones that I do not like.


This is the first one I do not like. The houses are nice to look at, and I feel comfortable walking on the sidewalk. However, the street is not wide enough. Even though it allows people to park their cars on the sides of the street, it feels tight for drivers in the middle. If two cars are driving towards each other, it forces one driver to stop on the side to allow the other to pass through. The main reason why I do not like this street is because of its small width.


Here is another picture that I am not too much of a fan. As mentioned in the previous picture, the width of the street is small. However, this one is much smaller. There is no room for any cars to really park on the street. If cars were to be parked on the street, they would either take up half the road or have to park halfway on the grass. Another reason why I do not like this street is the borders of each house. The houses on this road either are bordered by trees or fences. When I came by this area, I felt isolated from the houses because they were bordered. It gave me this feeling where the people in this area only want privacy and less interaction with each other.


This is the last picture that I do not like. On this road, there was more open space between houses, and the street width was longer compared to the two previous pictures. However, the one thing I no not like was the road length. It’s a long road down without any intersections. If a person wanted to make a turn, he would have to drive longer on this block. With this road length, it discourages some people who usually walk block to block to want use a vehicle.


Next, I will mention two pictures that I did like observing. The design of this scene allows people to have open space for their homes. They have a large enough set back to have activities on their front yards, and there’s good spacing between houses to allow people to park their cars but also interact with each other. Even though these houses are on a main road, they are located right across a park. This gives families easy access to recreational activities and to enjoy the environment. One problem of this picture is that the traffic outside the house produces a lot of noise which does become a nuisance, but the access to the park does balance that out.


This is the last picture I will talk about. I do enjoy this picture the most because this is the type of environment I grew up in. Houses have open space between each other, have their own driveways, the street width is wide, and houses have enough land for the front and back yard. This allows families to have their own activities outside but also interact with each other. A street like this allows children to roam around outside to have activities instead of always staying indoors.