Last Monday, Robert Curves gave a presentation on his book, Inside Newark. Born and raised in Newark, he began talking about his childhood and some experiences he remembered such as riding his bike around the area. He would ride his bike along the rivers and remember the smells of the leather factories nearby. Afterwards, he started explaining the history of Newark and its effect on the population in the city. One point that he examined that stuck out to me was the population change. In 1940, the population was 429,760, and decreased down to 277,140 in 2010. This was a surprise to me so I looked up some statistics on Newark to see if there are some factors that do play a major role in this population amount.

From many factors, the Newark Liberty International Airport is a major factor of the area. The airport was constructed in 1928, but advancements started happening in 1948 when Port Authority got a hold of the airport in 1948. The agency added runways, terminal buildings, air cargo center, and more additions to the airport (History of Newark Liberty International Airport). These improvements allowed the airport to become not only more efficient, but even more complex. Most importantly, the expansion of this airport allows more aircraft to operate every day. Even though this benefits the facility to keep working and sending out planes, the community is affected by the noise and flying objects near the area.

Newark Liberty International Airport

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Unfortunately, negative aspects of the airport can draw back people’s interest to living near this area. The traffic that comes into the airport may be too heavy for people living inside and forcing them to deal with it daily. Next, the noise that the airplanes make may annoy people by disturbing their silence. Also, the fact that the airplanes consistently flying over people’s homes may send fear to people because they may fear an accident could happen. For many people, these factors may not want them to live nearby the airport so they may choose to live in away from the airport. It is a coincidence as well because the population of the city decreased at the start of 1940s, and that was when the airport was improving. As a conclusion, the advancement of the airport does benefit the facility and its operations, but it does draw people away from the area because they would have to deal with all the noise and objects daily which is a factor of population reduction.

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