Environmental planning gets thrown around a lot. But what exactly is it?  Environmental Planning can be defined as future planning for political, economic and social growth and development with consideration towards the natural environment.  With that being said there has been many improvements over the years by planners and governments alike towards environmental planning.  Although there have been improvements over the years, the increase in population has offset the slight improvements made over the years and the minor changes in policy.  In Contemporary Urban Planning, written by John M. Levy, it states that from 1960 to about 2007 the atmospheric carbon dioxide in parts per million has risen from 215 to about 380 ppm. (pg 310)  This is completely unacceptable for everyone because it means we are failing our future generations and leaving them with the problem.  Immediately the finger is pointed at the planners because it is understood that they plan for the future.  Unfortunately there is a lot more to it than just that.  Nowadays the big fortune 500 companies have hundreds of lobbyists at congress making sure the laws that are passed are in the best economic interest of the companies which usually do not align with environmental goals or even goals of the individual.  Many people think this is outrageous but many are too entwined in their lives and jobs to do anything about it.  Protesting may not get much done unless organized to the point of having thousands and thousands of people at the foot of congress to change.

Recently for example, Arizona law makers gave Arizona’s largest utility, Arizona’s Public Service the right to charge people who installed solar panels on their homes.   The new law will have these homeowners paying a monthly levy which equals out to be 70¢ per kilowatt of installed capacity. Congress believes the intelligence of the average person to be meager enough to let such atrocities slide by.  The only reason they are able to get away with such things is that most people simply do not have time to participate in such governmental activities.  There may even be time to participate in local governments that have passed such ordinances but dodgy mayors aligned with the state may deploy cheap tricks by barely advertising town hall meetings and having them at unreasonable times. This is an outrage for many ordinary citizens as this type of tragedy has become more and more commonplace with the rights of people continually taken away slyly by big corporations and suspect government officials.  New age planners aligned with the people and positive future development that will benefit everyone not only certain individuals must step up and take charge before it is too late.