Childhood obesity is a growing problem in today’s society and honestly, it is cheaper and faster to just go through the drive through to get dinner for the family. Many people also do not realize how horrible this really is for their families. In a recent film I watched called Food Inc. a family of four ate fast food every single night for dinner, claiming that it was cheaper than buying vegetables at their local grocery store. The father in the family also was on medication that was expensive for the family that didn’t really give them a choice, which is more important; the father’s medication or healthier meals for the family? These are the challenges that many families face when it comes to eating healthy. There are so many unexpected expenses that can just pop up out of nowhere and you find yourself struggling to support yourself.

One of my aunt’s coworkers recently started eating free range meat he got from a local farmers market instead of eating the meat from his local grocery store and lost 14 pounds. He lost weight just from changing the type of meat he bought. This just goes to show how terrible some food can actually be for us and we don’t even know it. A healthy eating person could be eating grilled chicken every day and think that it is good for them but if they actually saw what the chicken went through before the final packaging they might not even eat it again. Factory produced meat is now rinsed in ammonia, yes the same chemical used to clean bathroom floors, in order to eliminate all of the bacteria, such as e coli, that could be on it. Buying food at a local farm or farmers market is cheap and healthy I just don’t think that people actually know what they are putting into their bodies.

If people were just better educated about what they eat then maybe they could find a way to affordably eat healthy. There should be more local farms that contribute to their neighborhood that raise their food in a healthy way, not like the farms that produce food for huge companies like Tyson and Perdue. The government should subsidize local farms instead of focusing their attention on grocery stores.

Food Inc. was a very eye opening film that I was required to watch for two different classes and I think that if everybody saw it then maybe it could change the way that Americans eat for the better.