The River Line is a light rail train system that ravels from Trenton to Camden. One of the stops in between is the little town of Delanco. I grew up in Delanco my whole life, and I remember when the River Line first began operating in my town which was in 2004. At first there was a lot of opposition to the project. The townspeople of Delanco were complaining how people from Camden and Trenton were going to come and cause trouble in our small quiet town. The only serious problem I can remember is when right before the train system was going to open, the bridge, in Delanco, fell over. Nobody was hurt  and you can read more details about it here.


Now that I am older I can see how the positive aspects of the River Line outweigh the negative ones. I know plenty of people who take the River Line every day to attend their classes at Rutgers Camden which is only a 25 minute train ride away. With adult tickets being only $1.50 it is extremely affordable for everyone. On multiple occasions I have taken the train from New Brunswick to Trenton then I hoped on the River Line to get home. I have also used the River Line to go on school field trips to New York, the Camden Aquarium, and places in Philadelphia. Many people in my town use the River Line for their daily commute or just special occasions like going to concerts at the Susquehanna Bank Center. The River Line is currently exceeding final ridership estimates of 5,500 passengers per day, with an average of 8,638 weekday, 5,733 Saturday, and 4,393 Sunday average passenger trips as of the end of fiscal year 2012. During this time, there were 2,782,333 un-linked passenger trips.As you can see just based on numbers the River Line is doing better than expected. I believe that the River Line did an amazing job integrating Burlington County and connecting South Jersey through inexpensive transportation.