Yes, we have all had those days during finals or midterm where we can last on almost anything. Eating pizza for a week isn’t considered unhealthy but its an accomplishment. I am sure there has been way too many articles about how living on campus and eating health isn’t the right combination, but I am commuter, I have been commuting to Rutgers since my sophomore year and year by year it gets more and more difficult to eat healthy. The only options for commuters like me is the student centers , which aren’t that great. And especially if you are a vegetarian who also commutes , like me , learn to compromise.

Being a commuter isn’t that comfortable having the same early classes and the same late night classes , packing 3 meals a day will be another assignment due every night . The best way to get a nice meal is to go off campus but even then we are surrounded by the fancy burgers and easy to grab fast foods. Letting more healthier food restaurants around the New Brunswick and Piscataway area should be considered to promote a better healthy lifestyle in the future. There area also arguments that the vegetarian and vegan restaurants are much more expensive but the more available they are the better they will get in the case of pricing. Since as American we love our cars and are so dependent on having drive-thru , having a more and more restaurants who promote healthy diet open drive thru should be considered.

Now how does this relate to urban planning? Well , we have an excellent paradigm on the Livingston campus where they have created the ideal housing with commercial use . The fresh grocers, Qdoba, Henrey’s diner are a good way to promote healthy food options. And yes eating at henry’s every day or even qdoba will get expensive but I believe it’s a start and decision to be made by the planning authorities to give more value to some of these aspects of Healthy lifestyles, the more we depend on the future the more difficult it will get in future to handle. Obesity and heart diseases as we know are growing from children to adults, and the Youth of America who needs to be the most active and healthy , have to worry about the “ freshman 15”. Why have we not been able to solve this problem ? it’s a question that needs to be solved as soon a possible.