More than 8 million people live on the 8,000 square miles that is considered the state of New Jersey. Being the most densely populated state in the nation, growth management programs should be pursued. Growth management is defined as the regulation of the amount, timing, location, and character of development. One of the greatest growth management programs implemented in in New Jersey was the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan developed by Pinelands Commission. The Mission of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission is to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Pinelands National Reserve, and to encourage compatible economic and other human activities consistent with that purpose.  In December The Pinelands Commission was faced with a dilemma on whether to allow South Jersey Gas to create a pipeline through the pines in order to serve the BL England power plant owned by Rockland Capital Investments LLC. The Pinelands Commission faces a critical decision on whether to allow a company to build the gas line in exchange for 8 million dollars. The proposed pipeline directly violates a core regulation of the Pinelands Plan, which forbids using the Forest Area as a transit route for pipelines and similar infrastructure. 

Before you form your opinion I think You should tell you more about the Pinelands of New Jersey. The Pinelands is a patchwork of pine oak forests, streams and rivers,  farms, and small towns stretched across southern New Jersey.

 The Pinelands is home to New Jersey’s last true wilderness.  One of the largest freshwater aquifers in the United States lies extremely close to its sandy surface and provides drinking water for millions of New Jersey residents and visitors.


 The Pinelands provide a beautiful place to kayak, hike, bike or just drive down a scenic road. The State of New Jersey and the federal government worked together to create the Pinelands National Reserve.   The Pinelands has remained largely protected for the last 35 years because the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan sets out a vision and specific rules to save the Pinelands’ unique natural resources. The area consists of 52 municipalities and parts  of seven counties. Throughout the area, local plans must conform to the commission’s plan. The commission has the control over the density of development and types of land uses permitted in this large and environmentally friendly area.

Now that you have more information on the Pinelands do you think the commission should allow the gas pipe or not?