Not to far from Rutgers Campus, a short drive of 15 minutes can take you into Edison Township. Being a resident of Edison, I came to realize how the housing plan has shaped the demographics of the town. Coming from an immigrant family I noticed how finding an affordable place to live in Edison was never an issue. Checking with the Master plan of Edison Township I realized that was because a total of 1751 multifamily units were built between 1990-1999, which is about 700 more units than single-family housing according to the township master plan.Having personally lived in a multi family housing over the past few years, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal as compared to the issues mentioned in Contemporary Urban Planning. Edison has a variety of different multi- family apartments with different settings.



Being so close to the Metropark train station, it acts almost like a transit village. A majority of the population living in these apartments surrounding the train station uses the station as a major source of transportation. Having such a convenient and diverse environment is a great example for future of urban planning. Although this huge availability of affordable housing has created somewhat of a racial concentration in some area, it gives a cultural look to the surroundings. The local economy is also benefited by the proper land use. A large , but closely packed neighborhood is a convenient place to live in after all.  There is still space for more affordable housing based on the amount of people attracted due to educational needs and also through immigration. The township master plan mentioned that about 1118 units are needed to meet its regional low and moderate income-housing obligation.


Affordable housing is an important aspect of Urban planning. If enough affordable housing units aren’t available it create a increase in homeless activity. Affordable housing gives the population a chance to completely  use the resources provided . As mentions earlier on how the train station attracts large population, it also has the largest commuting population in the Middlesex county.