Perth Amboy used to have a vibrant and beautiful waterfront. During the summer,Inhabitants of the town and residents of other communities used to visit it due to the nice view it used to offer and the good restaurants of the area. People used to go there to play soccer, baseball and tennis in the parks, and it was a nice location for those who would like to exercise. I remember those days,it is sad how things changed so much after hurricane Sandy passed nearby and families and restaurant owners lost everything they had. One year and a few months have passed, and the damages done by it can still be seen in certain parts of the waterfront. However, the reopening of certain restaurants, the reconstruction of sidewalks, the reparation of the fences and playgrounds are taking this waterfront to what it used to be; a beautiful place to be.

  Reconstructing a portion of a community requires time, monetary funds and last but not least planning. Perth Amboy’s local government has been working on the reconstruction of the waterfront as well as providing help to the business owners of this area. As we learned, public capital investment is the most powerful shaper of development,as it creates the economic forces that help the town improve. The restaurants of the area are a source of employment and earning for Perth Amboy. The community has “been speeding up the reconstruction process”. The mayor Wilda Diaz is providing help to these businesses by facilitating loans and bringing FEMA( Federal Emergency Management Agency) representatives to help them be back on business as soon as possible. Some of the restaurants are already operating and contributing to the economy of the town.  

The reconstruction of sidewalks and restoration of fences around the waterfront is taking a longer time. Most of the area is mostly fixed. However, it is not safe to walk through certain parts yet. Hopefully, this upcoming summer the reconstruction process would be over and Perth Amboy’s waterfront would be the nice place it used to be.

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