Have you ever wondered why certain places tend to captivate more your attention than others or why there is more social interaction than in other places? The answer to these questions can be obtained by just looking at the components of what is known as a successful city. A successful city is a municipal area that incorporates and promotes in its surrounding an atmosphere with economic, cultural and social vision. This type of city tend to have an open environment in which people can sit, interact, walk , eat food and enjoy of some public shows. Cities like Hoboken have incorporated to their infrastructures, elements that make these cities be considered vibrant and livable places to be. However, due to the current climate problems, an increasing population and fossil fuels’ effects to the environment, more than just a successful city is needed.  In order to face and solve some of the current problems being faced by our society, the adoption of a new idea behind the design of cities is needed. Creating more sustainable cities around the USA would make a difference in the future conditions of the society.


 Through the years, different states around the USA have been trying to adopt a system that maintains their viability for an uncertain future. An example can be seen in cities like Seattle, and San Francisco, cities categorized as the most sustainable cities around the country.  A sustainable city pays attention to the interdependence between economy, health and the social problems faced by the community. Perhaps, trying to adopt this new concept in certain cities may need money investment and it will be time consuming. Yet, redesigning current cities into sustainable cities has innumerable benefits. One of the benefits is the creation of green buildings as well as more space-efficient infrastructures. The construction of green buildings will reduce the pollution in that area. As a result, the community will have a healthier environment with cleaner water and air. The architecture of the town will be better as well, giving to the neighborhood a more attractive appearance that would benefit the future economy of the community. As one of the concerns of a sustainable community is to provide a healthy environment to its inhabitants, the frequent street connections and pathways encourage more walking and physical fitness, fact stated by the National Resource Defense Council.  Transporting around the city is easier and more efficient because congestions faced in regular communities are reduced. Maybe, creating sustainable cities may be seen as a long term plan that requires time and continuous planning, but in a future all the benefits that this type of cities brings will be the reason why certain cities will be more prosperous than others.