Eon musk is an amazing inventor and the electric car that he has created a company called Tesla and this company he has created is building all electric vehicles. These vehicles are the future in our world. One way they have done this is by creating somewhat affordable electric cars and cars that don’t look like typical electric cars they have also made them very appealing to everyday consumer. The way they have done this is by creating cars that have a very long range very equivalent to a gas engine car.  The company has come a long way in creating environmentally friendly cars that produce zero emissions.

            One of the biggest problems with coming up with environmentally viable options to reduce emissions has been money. Many investors are the ones who fund these companies and programs. The government does not have the fund to promote environmental action. Private firms have taken the initiative to move forward to a greener world. There are so many problems in the country that environmental issues are really pushed to the back because there are so many other immediate priorities.

            Lastly, there needs to be more push for alternative methods for environmental alternatives. The country needs to realize that global warming’s effect is happening rapidly and will start to she changes happening around them. There needs to a public that will make sacrifices for the future so we do not destroy our planet. Overall we need to push to make drastic changes to environmental policy so we can stop global warming and the displacement of millions of people.