New Jersey’s most popular street in Hoboken has seen better days. Potholes in the roads, sidewalks full of cracks, and dated street decor is what the community wants changed. 16 blocks of street need repaving, certain infrastructure needs to be brought up to code and more pedestrian signals need to be installed. Washington Street is in need of a makeover.

The city will be holding its first workshop on December 16. This workshop will allow the community to talk over some ideas and improvements that are desired. The goal is to have a set redesign plan for Washington Street by May.

Hoboken has set aside $190,000 for the planing redesign in the 2013 budget. This money will be going towards closing down sections of Washington Street to redesigning and make other improvements at the same time. Such improvements are green infrastructure and city beautification elements including shade trees, rain garden curb extensions and porous asphalt to reduce storm-water run-off and flooding. Also, pedestrian safety, bicycle facilities, traffic and parking topics will all be discussed in order to make the Hoboken more appealing to the eye and overall improved sense of community.