The Hyperloop is a new tranportation technology that is travel tube with concord like seating inside. The travel tubes will be launched by a rail gun-type launch power. The tube would shoot through an underground tunnel using a maglev system, similar to the floating force of an air hockey table. The tubes would be at least 3 times faster than a bullet train and twice as fast as an airplane. The technology would be powered by solar technology, which would make the transport cheaper than conventional methods.


This technology might actually see the light of day because the project is backed by the Silicon Valley billionaire Elon Musk. Musk is the founder of PayPal and Tesla Motor Company, he also has a SpaceX venture which became the first private operation to dock with the International Space Station. Accord to Musk he will not patent the design but have it as an open source to allow other people to modify it or build it. Musk believes that the Hyperloop would be best used between two cities less than 1000 miles apart. Musk has many ideas that seem to be interesting for the future for example the Tesla electric car that redefines the electric car. Musk idea for the Hyperloop came from the high-speed rail project between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Musk believes that the Hyperloop could be built for a tenth of the cost and theoretically undertakes a journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Critics believed that this idea is similar to a vacuum tube but Musk claims that it is not the same concept.

A technology enthusiast John Gardi tried to guess how the technology would work and see how feasible it would be. Gardi came to the conclusion that the Hyperloop is a modern day version of the pneumatic tubes that are used in banks and industry to move money or items over long distances or to other floors of a building. Gardi believes that the Hyperloop technology is not only feasible but it is doable. This is a type of project that would make the future better for mankind. It becomes disappointing when transportation project do not work out because of politics or the cost of running them becomes too expensive. Unfortunately this technology might take a while to come into realization because Musk currently is preoccupied with so Tesla and his SpaceX that it will take a while for his interested to transfer to make this technology a realization.