The environment is so important and Rutgers has already invested very heavily into solar power and it seems like a very good idea. All this does make an impact on the environment. There are so many other ways we can help reduce the environmental impact. Examples within New Jersey and other parts of the country are to have natural gas buses, and also to eliminate Styrofoam from the campus. Another way would be too look into wind and solar power alternatives although these can be expensive they are a great option for moving and thinking forward.  Rutgers has to come up with better solutions for our energy problems. One way they are doing this is by providing free electric charging stations on campus for people who own electric vehicle. This is one way to stimulate people to buy all electric vehicles.

Our environment is very fragile and we need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Another way Rutgers is improving on this is by building better facilities over the years, which are more modern and also environmentally efficient and use less power and are designed very green. In New Jersey they have started to thing green for example they have installed wind turbines in Atlantic City and also may consider putting wind turbines in the Atlantic Ocean of the coast of New Jersey. These are all ways that our state can lead the way in being environmentally friendly. When we talk about environmental planning we also need to talk about global warming and its effect on our planet. The main concern being that we are emitting too much pollution so we need reduce our emissions by creating new ways to create and use energy. We need more people to be aware of the damage we are causing to our environment. Helping our environment starts with the people wanting change and making them aware of the problems that these emissions can cause.